Our close cooperation with suppliers is a key element of our corporate philosophy. We work in synergy to raise standards and performance in the management of production waste through innovative solutions, specially designed according to specific needs and in full compliance with current environmental regulations


Our integrated solutions are tailor-made to implement sustainable strategies, offering operational flexibility and optimizing waste management processes. Our many years of experience, with more than four decades of accumulated know-how, guarantee reliable and competent advice and support at all stages of production waste management.


A timely service, designed to fully meet the supplier’s operational needs, is supported by a wide range of ancillary services, aimed at ensuring reliable and efficient management of industrial waste.


We actively collaborate with our customers in the conception and evolution of projects related to the circular economy, and then take concrete charge of the related operations. We offer robust outsourcing for waste management, shredding and processing, an approach that amplifies operational flexibility without compromising control.

For the logistical management of plastic waste, a crucial aspect both from an operational and regulatory point of view, we rely on a fleet of vehicles of our own duly authorized in accordance with current environmental regulations. These vehicles, integrated into our internal supply chain management processes, allow us to ensure efficient and on-time pick-up and delivery operations. Regulatory compliance and the synergistic integration of our vehicles with internal management practices place us in an optimal position to address the logistical challenges related to plastic waste, while ensuring compliance with current environmental standards.